ウブドで密かに人気の隠れスポット!Folk Pool & Gardens Relaxing Spot and Romantic Night in Ubud at Folk Pool and Gardens


Hi friends!


Ubud is so famous for its greenery, yoga, and fresh air!


Usually, recreational spots in Ubud close faster than Seminyak, Legian, and Kuta.


という訳で今回は、Folk Pool & Gardensをご紹介いたします!

However, now you can enjoy a fun evening in Ubud at the Folk Pool and Gardens.


Folk Ubud Cafe and Pool Gardens is one of the cafes in the Ubud area which is a favorite of many visitors, especially tourists from abroad.


With an environmentally friendly concept and accentuating natural scenery, Folk Ubud Café and Pool Garden use wood materials.


There is a lagoon concept swimming pool, with the right and left there are gazebos complete with a soft bed and pillows along with a curtain that can be closed for more privacy.


For day beds it is also free of charge, a maximum of 3 hours of use for 4 people.


This is what makes Folk Pool and Gardens different from other hangouts in Ubud.


You will not be charged an additional fee to be able to swim in this swimming pool, but you have to bring your own towels for hygiene matters.


In addition to the gazebos, there are also comfortable chairs made of rattan complete with umbrellas.


Besides the pool, there are also large natural stones that make this swimming pool like a river with beautiful, natural scenery.


Apart from the pleasant panorama, the food provided is also varied.
The food menu ranging from appetizer, beverage, food, and dessert. One of the favorite menus here is chicken prawn, blue dragon, mojito variant, and pizza. You can eat your meal while soaking in the swimming pool. One of the favorites of visitors is drinking young coconut water by the pool.

肉メニューの他に、このカフェではベジタリアンのお客様にも食事を提供しています。食品および飲料の価格は、IDR 50,000(¥385程)〜です。

Apart from the meat menu, this café also provides meals for vegetarian guests. Food and beverage prices start from IDR 50,000 and above.


Around the Folk Ubud Café and Pool Garden, there are many tourist attractions and accommodation accommodations. Among them are Gunung Lembah Temple, Ubud monkey forest and Ubud Palace.


This instagramable café is perfect for visiting with friends and family. Also a perfect place with your lover. At night, the scenery is so romantic full of lights.


If you want to enjoy the music from live performing DJs, you can visit starting at 21:00.

2020年8月13日から、この美しい自然の雰囲気の中で泳ぐことができます! ^^

You can enjoy swimming again with a beautiful green atmosphere in the Folk Pool and Garden starting August 13, 2020! ^^

Folk Pool and Gardens

Address : Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

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