バリ島 異例の2日連続ニュピ?!Bali unusual nyepi for two consecutive days ?!








※ ニュピと呼ばれるこの日は、ヒンドゥー教サカ暦新年で、ヒンドゥー教徒が瞑想に専念する為の日で、完全外出禁止です。




















Apparently everyone Hello!


The night sky shining with a star on Nyepi’s day is too beautiful and it feels like hiro.


Nowadays, we are urging the people to avoid unnecessary going out in each country, but the situation is the same in Bali!


And this time, following the spread of the new Kornavirus, the governor of Bali requested that the Balinese spend their days at Nyepi on the 25th and stay at home the next day on the 26th.


※This day, called Nyepi, is the Hindu Saka calendar New Year, a day for Hindus to concentrate on meditation, and is a complete ban on going out.

(Click here for Nyepi)


The most effective precautionary measure has been to limit out-of-home activities, saying that the governor of Bali needs to be more vigilant to prevent an increase in casualties following the spread of the new coronavirus infection. It calls for minimizing contact with others.


And, at the request of the Governor of Bali, Gianyar Province banned going out and banning vehicles on the 26th! Because it is “going out”, it is the same as Nyepi’s day!


The area where I live was not prohibited from going out, but vehicles were closed to traffic, and there were no signs of people on this day, even on streets where people are usually decent!


After 27 days, local people often see the usual way and go out by motorcycle or car, but the number of tourists has decreased.


Bali has only tourist spots and is usually crowded with people, but recently the governor of Bali has promoted self-restraint, so restaurants and bars have shortened business hours, entertainment facilities and Shopping malls, etc. are temporarily closed.


No, if the street that is usually crowded with tourists is quiet, it feels sad. .


But, on the other hand, if you see local young people sometimes in groups, are you okay? ! I think, (Lol)


In any case, additional measures may be taken depending on future changes in the situation, so it is the best measure that we can only try to obtain the latest information and prevent infection. In hope of ending as soon as possible, I want to thoroughly manage my physical condition and avoid unnecessary going out!


Let’s work together to overcome this Corona crisis! !


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