バリ島 リラックスしたひと時にぴったりのオススメのバリワインサバベイ Recommended Balinese Wine Sababay Perfect for your Relaxing Moment


Hi friend!


During lockdown or work from home, what are you doing at your leisure time at home?


Now in Bali, many places are closed. Shops and restaurants that usually opens till midnight, are only open until 8-9 pm.

週末はもうバーに行けない… T、T

At the weekend I can’t go to the bar anymore … T, T


There is a friend of mine who sells authentic Balinese wine, called Sababay.


I have never tried it.

サバベイはインターネットで検索した情報によると、インドネシアのバリ島にあるブレレンによって作られたワインブランドで、ムレアーティゴザリと息子のエヴィゴザリによって、経済的に困難な生活を送るブレレンのワイン生産者を支援するために設立されました。現在、Sababay Wineryは175の農家と提携しており、その生産量は以前よりも10倍高くなっています。サバベイの製品は、国際的に人気です!

After searching through the internet, Sababay is a wine brand made by Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia, which was initiated by Mulyati Gozali and her son Evy Gozali to help winegrowers in Buleleng who live economically difficult lives. Currently, Sababay Winery has partnered with 175 farmers whose yields are paid 10 times higher than before. Sababay products have also received a positive response from the international community, along with wines from all over the world.


Actually I’m not a wine lover, but it’s been a while since I drank alcohol, and this is the weekend … So why not?


I ordered one from my friend..


Sababay serves a free delivery service in the Denpasar area.


This is the Sababay wine choices.


I actually like sweet wine …


But I’m curious about Reserve Red (Rp. 250,000) because my friend said, it’s delicious.

因みに、インターネットで調べてみたら、フランスのラシテデュヴァンで最も人気のあるアジアのワインはMoscato d’Bali(Rp。280,000)でした。

But after fter I read it on Google, the most popular and the first wine from Asia that was used at La Cite du Vin, France was Moscato d’Bali (Rp. 280,000).


Maybe I will give it a try next time!


After ordering wine, it didn’t take long for my order to arrive!

うわー、まだ少し冷たいです.. ^^

Wow, still bit cold .. ^^


I can not wait to try it…

ボトルの後ろには、このワインの説明と、ワインに合うオススメの食べ物が記載されています。 ^^

At the back of the bottle, there is a description and what food is recommended with this wine! ^^


Description :
Elegant, round and intense. A seductive wine with a nose on ripe red fruits, toasted oak, and spices. The mouthfeel of Reserve Red is round and framed by silky tennis. With a soft and fruity finish, it is a modern premium wine. The ideal companion to enjoy relaxing moments.


Recommended food with this wine: fried duck, soy sauce pork, meat, pasta with beef or lamb, BBQ.


It contains 13,5 % alcohol.


For a normal person like me, not wine expert, this wine tastes bitter at first and dry, I can feel the dry grapes feeling in my mouth, but after 3 sips, the bitter taste is less than the first, makes it easier to drink for me. There is also a hint of vanilla at the end.
This wine is indeed good for a relaxing moment, even if it is in your home!^^

写真は、ワイングラスを持っていなかったので、家にあったシャンパングラスを使っています! 笑Well, I did not have a glass wine, so I am using the other glass that available in my home! lol


If you want to try the local Bali wine that is already going International, please try this Sababay wine by all means!^^

Sababay Distributor Bali :

住所 Address : Jl. Raya Puputan No.64A, Dangin Puri Klod, Kec. Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80234

営業時間 Business hour : Mon – Fri 9 AM ~ 5 PM, Sat 9AM~12PM, Sun closed

電話 Phone : (0361) 261104


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