エキゾチックで心身共にリラックスできるトレッキングコース「チャンプハンリッジウォーク」Exotic and Friendly Trekking Course, “Campuhan Ridge Walk”

Campuhan Ridge Walkは、ウブドの中心部にある、約2 kmの長いジョギングコースです。ウブドの自然を満喫したり、散歩したい方は、この場所は最適です。

Ubud is an exciting place, one place that you must visit when you are in Bali.
One of the activities that you can do in Ubud is at Campuhan Ridge Walk.
Campuhan Ridge Walk is a jogging track located in the heart of Ubud with a long 2km. If you like to jog or just scroll around to enjoy Ubud’s greenery then this place is the best option for you.

Googleマップによると、片道1.8 km辺り、徒歩で27分程の道です。

Google map says it takes 27 minutes for 1.8 Km one way.

道はカルサカフェまで続きます。途中でお店やレストランエリアを歩いて行くと、最後に田んぼ(カルサカフェのある場所)に着きます。時間に応じて、Campuhan Ridge Walkを満喫してください♪ここでは30分から2時間の散歩をオススメします。

Officially, the walk continues all the way to the Karsa Cafe. However, midway the walk will take you through an area of shops and restaurants first before leading you to the last bit of rice fields (where the Karsa Cafe is located). In the end, depending on how much time you have, you can make the Campuhan Ridge Walk as long or as short as you want. I would recommend spending half an hour to 2 hours here.
In my case, I took 40 mins for one way.


I started from the South, next to a temple and Ibah Luxury Villas. Next to Ibah there is a also a parking space where you can park your motorbike. The entrance fee is free.


Go downhill to the left.

Campuhan Ridge Walkへの道順と、Karsa Kafeへの2kmの標識が見えますか?

Do you see the direction to Campuhan Ridge Walk and the 2Km sign to Karsa Kafe?


Karsa Kafe is a cafe near the end of the trekking course


Those signs are all on the way, so you won’t get lost.


A bridge like that comes out after about 100m of downhill.


Don’t cross the bridge, you have to go down the road.



The path will take you up and downhill providing you with a stunning view over the surrounding scenery, before leading you through rice fields.
Although the path is situated right next to the hustle and bustle of Ubud it almost feels like a different world, so lush, so green, so quiet.
We would highly recommend going in the early morning or late afternoon as it might get pretty warm during the day.


Some people did yoga along the way..


Since there is no shade, so don’t forget to apply sunblock.


As you go, there are villas on the other side of the valley.


If are tired, you can rest under the shade of the tree for a while.


Ubud is a place where time passes slowly.


Maybe you can forget about the worries.


After the mountain, there’s a small village.


I think this street in Ubud is really pretty.


There are shops in the middle of the village, so you can buy a drink and get rid of thirst. But it is best to prepare your own drink bottle if you do not mind bringing a backpack.

Campuhan Ridge Walkでの散歩は、ずっと楽しめました。憶測に残るのは、水田の景色と静かな雰囲気。。

Campuhan Ridge Walk was enjoyable all the time while walking. It is because of the quiet atmosphere that is immersed in speculation.


A little bit of uphill follows the beginning, but since then it’s almost flat, it was not hard at all.

住所 / Address : Kelusa, Payangan, Jl. Raya Campuhan, Sayan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

*thumbnail credit image : Omnivagant


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