1時間待ちの行列ができるbakso?!スミニャックビーチの bakso Gerobak Biru! I Queued One Hour for This Most Popular Meatball Soup in Seminyak Beach Bali. Was it Worthed it?


Hi friends !!


If you visit Bali and live in the Seminyak area, you will definitely know the Double Six Beach!


This beach is famous for its relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy the sunset while relaxing on a bean bag under beautiful colorful umbrellas while listening to live music.


In addition, many tourists come here to enjoy the waves and also play with their dogs.


In addition, there is one more thing that makes this double six beach famous!

Bakso Gerobak Biruのミートボールスープボウルを目当てに、ダブルシックスビーチを訪れる観光客も多くいます!

I think the local tourists certainly know, it’s not complete when visiting the double six beach before enjoying a bowl of meatball soup from Bakso Gerobak Biru.


Look at this crowd!


They all have a meatball bowl in front of them!

この混雑具合を見ると、コロナパンデミックなんか起こってない気がします…(^^ ‘)

Because of this crowds, the pandemic a few times ago feels like did not happen at all…(^^’)


Look at the queue !!!


This long line is just for the bakso…

I am increasingly curious about the taste of Gerobak Biru meatballs which are very very popular!


By the way, bakso means meatball. and gerobak biru means blue cart.


Finally, I was waiting in line out of curiosity …


After 1 hour queueing, it was my turn to order.


My friend suggested to try the meatball with ribs, but the seller said the meatball ribs had run out, so I ordered ordinary meatballs.


The price is IDR 15K / bowl. Standard price.



I was more surprised when ordering bottled tea which is usually only Rp. 5,000, here it becomes Rp. 15K / bottle !!


I found an empty table, and it turned out that I had to buy as many drinks as there were people who would sit at the table. If you don’t want to buy a drink, you have to pay the table price.

結局、私はアイスティーを注文しました。 (^^ ‘)テーブルチャージを支払うよりも安いのでお得です。

Eventually, I chose to buy iced tea again. (^^ ‘) It seems cheaper than having to pay for a table.

ゲロバクビルミートボールよりも、飲み物の方が利益がデカいですね。^ ^

I think that sellers who sell drinks around Gerobak Biru meatballs are very lucky! ^^


They also can sell the drinks well and the tables because of the popularity of Gerobak Biru meatballs …


Anyway, this is that so popular meatball soup.


The soup tastes good, the meatballs are chewy!


Actually there are many other meatballs that might be better, but the advantage of eating here is that we can enjoy the beach and sunset.


That’s why the Blue Cart meatballs are always in demand and most crowded when it gets late in the afternoon.

ダブルシックススミニャックビーチを歩き回り、ゲロバックビルミートボールの味に興味がある方は、長い行列を避けるために、午後5時前ぐらいに来る事をお勧めします。 ^^

If you walk around the Double Six Seminyak beach and are curious about the taste of the Gerobak Biru meatball, I suggest queuing before 5 pm, to avoid the long line! ^^

Bakso Gerobak Biruは、イタリアンレストランやコーヒークラブの向かいにあります。

You can find the Bakso Gerobak Biru on the beach across the Italian Restaurant or the Coffee Club.

Double Six Beach

Address : Legian, Jl. Double Six, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali


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