My Best 3オススメのローカルブランドフェイスミスト製品      My Best 3 Recommended Local Brand Face Mist Products








1.フェイスミストPixy Aqua Beauty

ランキング1位はピクシーアクア・ビューティフェイスミストにしました!多くのインドネシアの美容ブロガーもこのピクシーの顔の霧をお勧めしています!その小さい水滴のミストはすぐに皮膚に吸収されます。抗酸化物質としてビタミンEと緑茶エキスを含んでいます。また、この0%アルコールのPixy Aquaミストは、肌に非常に適しています。メイクアップロックも付いているので、メイクアップは最長10時間! ^^

2. Natur-eデイリーナリッシングフェイスミスト


3. Wardah Cディフェンスフェイスミスト

ランキング3位はウォーダーCディフェンスフェイスミストです!サイズは最小で55mlですが、3つのフェイスミストの中で最も高価です。 Rp.38,000(¥292程)!ビタミンCと天然保湿成分を配合し、肌の潤いとハリを保ちます。液体は濃縮されたものではなく、水のようですが、ミストはPixy Aqua-beautyとは異なり、かなり水滴が大きいです。フレッシュレモンの香りがします。 ^^

これがインドネシア製のトップ3フェイスミストです。安価であるだけでなく、品質は有名ブランドに劣らず、インドネシア中のスーパーマーケットで見つけることができます。是非、試してみてください! ^^

look at how glowy my skin face after Pixy face mist ^^ / ピクシーフェイスミスト使用後の肌の輝きを見てください^^


Hi, friends!

This time I want to share my top three best local face mist products in my opinion! For female readers, you must already know what face mist is, right? Not only for women, but face mist can also be worn by men, you know!^^

Because the purpose of face mist is to moisturize dull skin, or if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wash your face, you can use face mist to refresh your face! Especially those who live in urban areas, with dirty air populations and busy schedules, it’s really mandatory to have a face mist in your bag to refresh your face every time especially when using make-up.

Face mist is also very good to use before or after makeup so that makeup is longer lasting, glowy and so that makeup is not easily cracked.

Recently local brands made in Indonesia are also competing to create face mist with affordable prices and good quality. Here goes my top three Indonesian brands face mists!

  1. Face mist Pixy Aqua Beauty

Ranking number 1 fell to Pixy Aqua-beauty face mist! Many Indonesian beauty vloggers also recommend this pixy’s face mist! Because it is good and its small mists quickly absorb in the skin. It contains vitamin E and green tea extract as antioxidants. And also this Pixy Aqua mist of 0% alcohol is very good for the skin. It also contains makeup lock, so makeup can last up to 10 hours! ^^
The size is small, 60 ml (Rp. 31,000) so it is so practical to carry in a bag anywhere!^^

  1. Natur-e Daily Nourishing Face Mist

Ranking number 2 falls to Natur-e face mist! It contains peach flower extract, vitamin E and aloe vera. So, the liquid is rather thick and suitable for maintaining dry skin moisture. It can be used at any time. The fragrance is most fragrant among the three face mist that I recommend ^^. The size is 95 ml (Rp. 31,860).

  1. Wardah C-defense Face Mist

Rank number 3 falls to Wardah face mist! It has the smallest size, 55ml but the most expensive price among the three face mist, Rp. 38,000! It contains vitamin C and natural moisturizing factors to maintain skin moisture and elasticity. The liquid is also like water, not concentrated, but the water spray is rather large, unlike Pixy Aqua-beauty. It smells like fresh lemon. ^^

Now that’s my top three face mist made in Indonesia. Besides being cheap, the quality is not inferior to famous brands, you can find it in supermarkets all over Indonesia. Please try! ^^


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