日本ではあまり食べない食材のお菓子がインドネシアでは大人気です! Ingredients that are rarely eaten in Japan are very popular in Indonesia!



Apparently everyone Hello!

最近日本では滅多に食べない、とあるお菓子にハマっているhiro です!

I’m hiro who is really into some sweets that I rarely eat in Japan these days!



So, this time I would like to introduce a certain sweet!



Here it is! !


“Sunflower seeds”!



Speaking of sunflower seeds, isn’t there a strong image of food for pets such as hamsters in Japan?



When I was in Japan, I had no habit of eating sunflower seeds on a daily basis, and I didn’t even know that people could eat it! (Lol)



However, it is a very popular sweet in Indonesia, and is eaten everyday by children and adults!



It is sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. The price is about 150g, Rp.17,000 (about $1.3).


It is a Halal certified product.


It has a nutty texture and a wide variety of tastes, such as the salted caramel flavor, salted flavor, and matcha flavor that I bought this time, and it goes well with alcoholic snacks!



If you eat one grain, it will not stop! (Lol)



To eat, chew the seeds first and the shell will crack, so eat this part of the inside.


Discard the shell.



By the way, sunflower seeds are not only delicious, but also have a very high nutritional value, and athletes eat them as nutritional supplements in the United States! Recently in Japan, it seems that sunflower seeds have begun to pay attention as a food with high nutritional value, beauty and health!



What nutrients do you care about…?


ひまわりの種は栄養の宝庫と言われているみたいで、たんぱく質、脂質、炭水化物、ビタミン類も豊富で、ビタミンE 、ビタミンB群、葉酸 、パントテン酸、ピオチン、ナイアシンなどが多く含まれているとの事!

Sunflower seeds are said to be a treasure trove of nutrients and are rich in proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and vitamins, including vitamin E, B vitamins, folic acid, pantothenic acid, piotin and niacin. Thing!


ミネラル類は、鉄分 、亜鉛 、リン、銅、マンガン、マグネシウム、カリウム、カルシウムなど!他にもセレンやクロム、ナトリウム。また人の体内で作ることが出来ない必須脂肪酸であるリノール酸は不飽和脂肪酸の一種みたいですが、血液中のコレステロール値を下げてくれたり、血液をサラサラにする働きがあるみたいです!

Minerals include iron, zinc, phosphorus, copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium and calcium! In addition, selenium, chromium, and sodium. In addition, linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid that cannot be made in the human body, seems to be a kind of unsaturated fatty acid, but it seems to lower cholesterol levels in the blood and help smooth the blood!



As a side effect, vitamin E’s anti-oxidant effect can be expected to be effective in preventing coldness and stiff shoulders, preventing aging as aging care, and providing beautiful skin effects!!



But it is amazing!!



From now on, why not try eating sunflower seeds!!



When you come to Indonesia, you can get it easily and there are many kinds, so please buy it ♪


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