アフタヌーンティーにぴったり!スミニャックバリのビククラシックヴィンテージレストラン Perfect for Afternoon Tea! Biku Classic Vintage Restaurant in Seminyak Bali

Biku Restaurantは、長い間営業しているレストランのひとつです。パンとお茶で有名ですが、ランチにもオススメです。

Biku Restaurant is one of a restaurant that has been operating for a long time. It’s famous for its bread and tea, it’s also good for lunch.


The restaurant looks a bit dark from the outside, but it is different once you are inside!


When I came to this restaurant, looks like someone is celebrating the birthday!^^

パンとお茶は有名なので、お茶を楽しみたい人はよく来ます。ビクオファーは伝統的なハイティーとアジアンハイティーを提供します。飲み物は、飲み放題です!大人はRp 150K(¥1150程)子供はRp 45K(¥346程)です。約50種類のお茶があります。お茶好きの方は是非!

As I mentioned before, the type of bread and tea is indeed good, so people who want to enjoy tea often come. Biku offers a traditional high tea and Asian high tea. For adult it is Rp 150K and for children is Rp 45K. Biku has around 50 types of tea. Tea lovers definitely should visit Biku!^^


The outer seats also have a vintage feel.


It turns out that this restaurant actually uses a Joglo house that is 150 years old!

ジョグロは、伝統的なジョグジャカルタスタイルの家です。ジョグジャカルタは中部ジャワにあり、省略して「ジョグジャ」とも呼ばれます。インドネシアのジャワ島にある都市で、伝統的な芸術と文化遺産で有名です。日本の京都みたいなイメージ! ^^
Joglo is a traditional Jogjakarta style house. Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta is located in Central Java, (often called “Jogja”) is a city on the Indonesian island of Java which is famous for its traditional arts and cultural heritage. For Japan, I think it is like Kyoto!. ^^


The warm and calm atmosphere of the home-style was created. The combination of restaurants, lounges, bookstores, antique shops, makes this place very cozy.


It is suitable for you who like to hunt photos with classic nuances for the background.


The interior along with the decor will accompany you while eating a meal at Biku Restaurant.


The combination of wood with classic patterned flooring impressed into the romantic direction.


In addition, the surrounding scenery is no less exotic. Comfortable wooden tables and chairs with soft-looking lamps.


Elegant. One word that can describe the whole of Biku Restaurant.

今回はハイティーを注文しませんでした。 ロングブラックRp 26K(¥200程)を注文しました!

This time I did not order high tea. I ordered Long black Rp 26K.

そしてフレンチトーストRp 58K。(¥446程)

And french toast Rp 58 K.


In addition, several Indonesian menus such as mixed-style rice, mixed satay, sea fish peeps, and others can be ordered.


After eating, you can buy books about Bali and Indonesia at the Ganesha Bookshop. Interested in some antiques? You can also buy it here. But some of the Ming Dynasty relics in this restaurant are not sold.

面白いエンターテインメントとしては、食べた後、タロットを通して未来を見つめることができます。(笑) ライブ音楽を聴くこともできます。

For interesting entertainment, after eating, you can try to see the future through tarot. Or you can also listen to live music.


Raya Petitenget No.888スミニャック、クロボカン、バリ!ビクレストランでお楽しみください。

Interested? Come to Jl. Raya Petitenget No.888 Seminyak, Kerobokan, Bali. Enjoy a variety of fun at Biku Restaurant.

Business hours : everyday from 8 AM~ 11PM

*thumbnail credit image : Berry Amour Villas


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