ププタンバドゥン公園で夜の散歩 [Evening Walk in the Middle of the City at Puputan Badung]


Puputan Badung Park I Gusti Ngurah Made Agungまたは、Puputan Badung Parkと呼ばれている、この公園は、ジョギングができるぐらいとても広く、家族とピクニックをするのにオススメの場所です★


















お昼間のププタン バドゥン公園

住所 : Dauh Puri Kangin, West Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80232

オープン : 毎日 24時間


住所:Jl. Mayor Wisnu No.1, Dangin Puri, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80232

オープン : 月、火、水、土、日 8am〜4pm 金 8:30am〜12:30pm


Are you vacationing around Denpasar City? Puputan Badung Park I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung or commonly called Puputan Badung Park can be an option for a picnic with the family. Located in the middle of the city, this park also has historical value. “Puputan” is a word that means all-out. Puputan Badung Park is a symbol of respect for the heroes who have fought before. In the northern part of the Puputan Badung Field, there is a monument to honor the struggle of I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung along with other heroes against the Dutch in the Puputan Badung War in 1906.
For visitors who want to walk around the Puputan Badung area, there is the Bali Museum and the Great Jagatnatha Temple. Both of these places are on the east side of the field. At the Bali Museum, visitors can see a picture of the old Balinese culture and its development to the present.
But because visited this park at night, I did not go there..
Anyway, I visited here because I was curious why every day this park is always crowded even though there were no events or festivals (and it is nearby where I live). I visited here on Sunday evening around 8 PM. Even though I live nearby but it was my first time to came to visit this park in the evening! so, to be honest, I was quite surprised by this view! haha
There are still many families carrying small children and even babies and they even eat dinner in the middle of the park! Night picnic, wow! Maybe because the day time in Bali is very hot huh? Haha
It is very different from Japan which in the evening the park is crowded if there is a festival. But it was a fun experience! Felt like a tourist in my own city haha.

On the roadside, there are also many sellers of food and drinks, such as sweet iced tea, juice, chicken satay, pork satay, sea fish satay, meatballs, etc. The price is cheap for sure but I can not guarantee its cleanliness, huh (?) lol. Usually every Saturday or Sunday afternoon, the stage at Puputan Badung Park will be filled with various art performances from kindergarten students and art galleries. Visitors can watch traditional dance, music, and theater for free. If you are in the Denpasar area and are bored or just want to walk or jog, you may try to give a visit to the Puputan Badung field!^^

Address : Dauh Puri Kangin, West Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80232

Open : Everyday 24 hours

Bali Museum

Address : Jl. Mayor Wisnu No.1, Dangin Puri, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80232

Open : Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun 8am~4pm Fri 8:30 am~12:30pm


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